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Blinking an external LED

Once ArmPit Scheme was in place and running, and manipulating the onboard LEDs, it was time to grab some components, wires, and a breadboard and get hacking.

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ArmPit Scheme

In my new position as Director of Innovation at SteelSeries I've been doing plenty of hardware hacking and prototyping. I've done some work with Arduino, and more recently Teensy3.1. Now I'm playing around with The STM32F4 Discovery board from ST Micro.

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Sun Type 3 Keyboard

Once upon a time, far far away I was in working on my undergrad in a department that had a mix of equipment. They had a lab full of IBM PC clones running MS-DOS. These were mainly for the first couple years for Turbo Pascal work. What was really exciting was the senior lab of Sun workstations. I instantly fell in love with the Sun 3/60s. Even though they were no longer state of the art (SparcStations had recently come on the scene), they were still powerhouses for working with Lisp and Smalltalk.

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